Palavelli stives to provide that unique experiences in the remote areas of the coconut gardens of Konaseema.. now experience the thrilling rides on this adventurous bike ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE ATV at Palavelli.

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad, quad bike, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, or quadricycle as defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control. As the name implies, it is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles. Although it is a street-legal vehicle in some countries, it is not street-legal within most states and provinces of Australia, the United States or Canada.

The rider sits on and operates these vehicles like a motorcycle, but the extra wheels give more stability at slower speeds. Engine size of ATV currently is 1,000 cc.

Enjoy a thrilling ride on ATV in the gardens of Palavelli..

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