The river Godavari divides into several tributaries before it joins Bay of Bengal. The three important branches are the Vasista, Vynatheyam and Goutami…in fact, the land between these islands forms one of the richest delta in India, called the 'Konaseema'.

Because of hydrological reasons, Vasista has the most fascinating geography. After bifurcating from Vynatheyam at P.Gannavaram, the river is dotted with several islands.. mostly deserted and either fully covered with coconut plantations or flanked by white sandy beaches. Palavelli Resorts provides an interesting package to explore these islands… for those adventure seekers and romantic at heart..

Start your journey with Razole Lanka (Island) located closest to the Resort. This island is endowed dense plantation on three sides with green meadows on the fourth side..

Ayodhya Lanka (Island) is the furthest and the biggest one and is fully covered with coconut, so dense that in-side the plantation, the sun hardly reaches the ground… always very cool and humid like tropical island even in summer..

Kanakaya Lanka (Island) has formed along the curve and is easily approachable. The youngest of the lot is the Shivakodi Lanka, which, most part of the day, gets partly submerged during high tide zones.

The islands have fascinating bird life, existing near the shores… especially, the migratory birds can be seen from Nov to Jan.

And the full moon night cruise will be breath taking.. the cool breeze, the reflections of the moon on water..

Near Lakshmipalem on West Godavari side, a serpentine canal joins the River Vashsista…... a cruise upstream up-to the old Aqua-duct on this canal rivals the is a very fascinating experience…

The river based village life is fascinating… the fisher man casting the net or the boat man diving for sand collection or the women folk potting the water or the village lads diving into the depths..

Palavelli Resorts provides a fascinating opportunity to explore and indulge in adventure and leisure cruises hopping from island to island or exploring the interiors of back waters or a glimpse of Konaseema life on the river front..

Three options of boating available…. a catamaran for 30 pax, a motor boat for 10 pax and a country boat for 10 pax. Make your choice...and cruise along…

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