Anthervedi is one of the most important religious places of Konaseema, located at the point of confluence of tributary Gautami of River Godavari with Bay of Bengal. For further bookings and arrangements, one may contact the Palavelli No. 7674015035.

The idol of Sri LaxmiNarasimhaSwamy was reputed to be installed by Lord Rama and the present temple was built by Rajas of Mogalturru in the 18th Century. It is renowned as DakshinaKasi (Varanasi of south).


As the place was the ‘vedik’ or platform for Rudrayaga performed by sage Vashista, it is called Antharvedi.

Rakthavilochana, son of Hiranyaksha, worshipped Lord Shiva and got blessings that when-ever his blood is spilled on to the ground, new Rakshasas, equally powerful, will arise. Emboldened by this power, the Rakshasa started harassing sages and humans and obstructing vedic rituals.

When his son was killed, Sage Vashsita worshipped Lord Narasimha. Lord Narahari blew ‘Panchajanya’ and killed the Rakshasa with his ‘Sudarshanachakra’ after a prolonged battle. He invoked ‘MahaShakthi’ to prevent spilling of blood of the Rakshasa on ground and released it into a river called Raktakalya (red canal). The place where the Lord washed his weapons after the battle became popular as Chakrathertham.Sage Vashistathen erected the temple dedicated to Lord Narahari at that location.

In Kalyug, the ruined temple was reputed to have been discovered by a cow herd keeper. In modern times, it was renovated by Sri NarendraLaxshmiNarasimgh Rao.


Kalyanostavam, celebrated during BheesmaEkadasi in January/February is the most important festival of the temple. The ceremonies start on Ratha Saptami and conclude on Pournami with Chakra Snanam. Lord NarasimhaSwamy'sKalyanam is performed on Dasami

and begins with SaptanadiJalabhishekam followed by MahashantiHomam and Mudrakalankarana and concluding with Kalyanam.

The RathYatra is performed on 'Ekadasi’. Another important event is the special puja by archakas of Peruru to Lord KoormanathaSwamy, the idol of which was reputed to have been caught by fisherman from Raktatulya River during 14th century.

Where to Stay:

Palavelli Resorts, located on the opposite banksand 40 minutes’ drive from Anthervedi temple is the best location to stay. The luxury comforts and the exquisite ambience of the location form an ideal base for the visit to Anthervedi.

How to Reach:

For people coming from Hyderabad and Vijayawada side, the Palakollu is the main town to which trains - Narsapur Express and number of buses are available. For the Visakhapatnam side, Rajahmundry is the best point of approach. The temple is connected by very good road network.

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