Konaseema is one of the oldest populated areas of India with its recorded history going back to more than 20 centuries!

The area offers several religious destinations, some of them having a grand Dravidian style of architecture!

Some of the famous temples with-in driving distance in West Godavari district are :

Palakol (14 kms)

KsheeraRamalingeswaraswamy temple isone of the 5 Kshiraramakshetrams.

Bhimeswaram (38 kms)

(Someswaraswamy temple, one of the 5 Kshiraramams has architectural magnificence.

Penogonda (30 kms)

Location for VasaviKanyakaParameswari temple and Nagareswaraswamy temple with unique feature of two Nandi statues.

Natta Rameswaram (38 kms)

The Shiva Lingam is made of shells and conches.

PedaAmiram Jain Temple (38 kms)

Is the temple dedicated to first TheerthankaraShriAdinath and was reputed to be around 2000 years old.

Antharvedi (35 kms)

In East Godavari Lakshmi NarasimhaSwamy temple, supposed to be constructed during 5th century (Pallava dynasty) was renovated several times. Located on the beach where Godavari meets the Bay of Bengal.

Aynavelli (65 kms)

Siddhi Vinayaka temple is situated amid a cluster of coconut trees. The temple has great historical value.

Draksharamam (100 kms)

Built in 9th century, with ancient scripts in Pali, the Lord BhimeswaraShiva has great Dravidian architecture besides being one of the 5 Khshiraramams.

Ryali (60 kms)

The 5 feet statue of Lord JaganmohiniKesawaswamy has male image on front and female image on the back.

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