The soul of Palavelli Resorts is its ambience. Located in the picturesque surroundings of the Konaseema coconut gardens, on the banks of River Godavari, the Resort provides immense scope of leisure activities, specially designed to discover the natural & social heritage!! Visit to Palavelliis not complete unless one explores the world around the Resort.

Choose your likings and check out at the reception for the timings and other details.

Morning Walk:

Free 1 hr duration.

A refreshing and re-energizing morning walk onto the banks of River. Godavari or across the many ponds of the region.

Farm Walk:

Free 1 hr duration.

Walk across the fields &d learn the farm activities.More than 20 fruit trees.. guava, several varies of Citrus Mango Sapota Stone fruit,Papaya, Palms,varieties of Amla,Jack Fruit, Neam, Tamarind are located in close vicinity depending upon the season, you may see the fruiting.

Coconut Harvesting:

Free 1 hr duration.

An interesting traditional operation, the skilled harvesters go up the tree and cut the nuts.

Paddy farming trip:

Free 1 hr duration.

Drive down to the nearest paddy fields and see or even indulge in the farming activities—sowing, planting, harvesting, winnowing operations done in traditional way. The operations are seasonal.

Horse Carriage ride:

Rs 400 for 4 persons for 1 hr.

A thrilling experience of the traditional horse carriage ride on the paths of the village…Visit the village temple, lotus ponds and paddy fields along the way...

Village visit

Free 1 hr duration.

Experience the traditions of the Konaseema- the village life….Be a part of the village life-the wild coconut groves, the lush green fruit orchards, the paddy fields, the fish and prawn ponds.

Veda Recitation:

Free 1 hr duration on selected days.

Enjoy the early morning vedic chanting in the morning of the Palavelli..

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